Monday, February 22, 2010

The Real Tranny Finders

Quinn Gundersen

Andrew Eckles
Jacob Mandel
Jesse Gouveia
Bo Valencia
Garrett Read
Dylan Trewin
Ben Maki

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day Three

Ben Cousins is a bro.

Ohhh yea bro!!
He's showing us the way to the best fish tacos ever.
Food time
Fuck yea street corner sesh.
He blended in great with the tourists

Jesse catching some ZZZZ's

Connor hates long drives
Cali bro, we saw this billboard about 7 times throughout our drive around Cali

fucking LA traffic

street rail nightsesh

front smith by Dylan Trewin
front lip geting right through the dick

dick is pitted on the 50-50
Ohhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

gettin the tools ready

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bear: day two

Jesse and Ben are hood
front board pop in
artsy fartsy
goose neck so blunted
ben has the foot plant on lock
He is the master of disaster
front 50-50
back board!!!
ho ho whats good
back board

Nose blunt on the analog feature, yea Austin
Garrett front board
Indy tail bone
Ben cousins is hyped on his booger and Garretts in the back round beaming.
Bo name is meathod
nose pick
nose blunt
Tranny Finders and Get Loose Get Paid
jesse knows bear is sick
Garrett, Bo, Ben cousins, and Jesse
ben garrett and Hariot Tubman
bens nuckle
B for BEAR

bear day one

cream de la cali
in-and-out after a long journey from airport to airport

renting them creeper vans

garrett packs light