Friday, October 28, 2011

October at the Skyline Divide

getting ready to ride the next day

yea we suck

Robert Big ben and Alex were kind enough to let us stay at
there pad that night

We met up with jacob and andrew who
slept at the trail head

we are ready to get hikin but we are not ready for a death march

we started to feel some snow fall at about a
mile and a half in

in october it was so sick to see this much snow

strapping in and riding down the ridge line to find some deeper snow

about 6 miles latter the sun came out for like 5 minutes and it
gave us a glimpse of our destination

photo cred to luke

a 10 hour hike and some good boarding made us want a lift

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stoop Kid: Matt Bernard

Some footage from last season of Matt Bernard look out for some new stoop mitts by him and ryan at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tranny Finders: A Short

A snowboard film from this past winter

Thursday, October 13, 2011

getin zeachy wit it

stock footage circa 2007

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Burton Super Ultra Mega Clinic

this picture features ben tomahawking with jesse riding with total steeze
and dylan at the top laughing

dylan is hyped on the new tech

some of the sickest snowboards ever!

patty was slaying the analog ramp with this treyflip to fakie

jason is not pleased with patty's blut fakie

dylan back smith

front tail slide

jason now longboards!

the picture dose not do his kickflip backtail justice

dyaln back feeble

this guy wanted to drop in with his longboard but they wouldn't let him

Monday, October 10, 2011

SLC Bone Zone Edit

Jesse and Chris are throwing down and made a really sick edit.
Check the steeze

Down Town Trow Down 2011

the beginnings of the setup with some new features it is
going to be crazy

Jacob with the sick nike satan colab griptape

the tree guy looking pretty sick

kevin front blunt and proper

Scott always being inventive with a foot plant

Zenu want to see

Chris Brewster gaping half way down the
rail to front lip

Kevin tailgrab

scott backflip to fakie

Forest Bailie catching some air time

Brandon Hobush switch lip

scott cartwheeled into fifth place

Dylan Thomson front flipped to the down of this
kink box all the way to second place

melon grab myles gable

a little 5-0 action

Ben Maki went hard at sushi mojo

Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Weekend Did Not Suck

Jesse is back in town and didn't miss a
beat on this bank ledge

Dylan laying down hammers with his hype men
in the back

well yobeat the rumors are true

swag kids

thread the needle kickflip

jesse worked the road all right with a little
sign wallride

Think Thanks Ransack Rebellion and Capita's Defenders Of Awesome
premiered at the king kat theater. and it did not suck

jesses lips are sealed about the allegations of room 401

Riley was bamboozled by baker. He stayed like this
all night long

dylan was trying to cop a look see

Dicks midnight special

myles thought it would be a good idea to go face down
on a pay phone with two cops right next to him. They gave the good old seattle
cop treatment and beat the shit out of him

after party at garys crib

this is so impossible

trey bomb with a brewski

sending it

caught in the act

back 1 "yea! fuckyeadog!!!"