Sunday, March 28, 2010

fuling up

Welcome to the play and Garrett is laughing

Jesse was trying to piss Dylan of but you cant tell from this picture

Ben is so cute

Cheese ball
They can both fit i Jarids pants

Belview Skate Plaza

Front 50 by jesse

Back board

Artsy fartsy

Back 50

Fucking hard core

Rock and roll

Backside 5-0

Bo loves to fall

Blunt nose grab to fakie hella boss

Front 180 from jesse

Ben clearing the barrier

Fronside 5-0 by Garrett

Back disaster by jesse

Backside feble by ben

Backside 5-0 by dylan

Rock to fakie by Bo

passing the time

When we arent snowboarding or skateboarding
we are pretending we are



Backside 180

Bomb Trey

Bo and Ben playing HAT with hat tricks

back 270

nose press tucknee

closing day

Ben, Tobia, Riley, Garrett, and Jesse gettin ready for last day at central

and it is powder

It doesn't really look like last day,
we took a few runs and backfliped the stepdowns till the
landings weren't pow then we headed over to alpental to meet Quin and Emile.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



artsy bear farts.. goku's photos

sleepy trannys

fatty to flatty


garrett keepin it real in the corner

garrett loves picking his nose

benji jojima

snorlax awaking

sleeping beauty

stiff snowboards

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snowfights and burger bite

After Ben threw my water bottle into the snow drift he went and got it
then we fucked him up

Dylan is a fan of the sneak attack

Jesse is fucked
Bo trying to quickly get his hat on after he was attacked

Bo fully extends for the long shot
Ben the Wolf was crushed by a giant snowball

Dylan likes funnel cakes

Bo really liked the funnel cakes

Garrett's hyped on extra thickness

I like Ben's mustache