Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Myles in the Hospital

Ben pressed the wrong button

Myles chillin tryin to keep his heart rate down
while Dylan and jon made jokes about
it going way up

Gang signs with black myles

Monday, March 14, 2011

TF at TransAm

Here are a few of the shots.


Second Place. TF SHALL RISE

Killing it

Heading Out

Jesse was stoked on standby

Sickest Prize

Saturday, March 12, 2011

C Brown Redbull Stairset Session at Bear

I filmed connor getting nasty and stacking the ballz out of this new setup at Bear. He ended up only getting one trick on it but it was still fun.


Shitty Weather

Had a nice jump up top

Nice DOF dad

Backie Melon Happy Trail Peep

Then we had some lunch

Then some more boarding

West Coast Customs

Jesse gettin drunk

Me getting my beefcake on

40 Koozie son


Cool tan idiot

TransAm is going to get wild

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Weather was looking good.

Paul came along to chaperone.

Jesse's pro model coca-cola was on the plane.

Then I got this gem. Paul and I were stoked.

Pano son.

Fresh whip.

We found Jesse after a sick drive through LA traffic.

Dylan Rieder was there.

Jesse was trying to flirt with the babe in the shop.

Then we picked up some mexican.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Baker Trip

Jacob's dorm was mad fun Dylan was gaming it up

The Drive up super nice

Ready to get gnarly

Getting ready to hike and find a spot
Jacob Andrew and not big Ben were hiking a shoot up Mt.Herman

It was crazy

We built a jump Bo hopped up into that tree for the heli angle

Swag ass Bo approves

Sunset driving nothin better


I got some powder the day before I left.

Then Facetimed Cachondo. Looking good as always.

Out of order. No cash for the trip.

Nates Pro Model TF Team Bus

I came through with the media.

Jesse's cool mag

I found him waiting in the closet.

Jesse likes balls

Then we developed some film

And bought some cheese. Everything seems to be named after Nate.

Then Ben wanted to come in.

And he played dress up.

Who says TF doesn't party.

It ain't easy bein' steezy

Online school really took a toll on Jesse.

A little more FT with Corrado before bed. Photogenic.

Started the day off with some hot pow.

There was Gary.
And Jesse checked out the scene.

Here is the edit from the day

Picked up a quick latte.

Now its off to Bear Mountain.