Friday, February 25, 2011

Minnesota Day 5

Jesse getting the shot

Bo shooting from in a tree

Good old harry hiking


Gary winding up and poping


Ben got face down as usual

Bo built a jump over a rail

Working hard or hardly working

The deadly drop for a coller

Waiting room at urgentcare was not so urgent

There it is right where the mouse points

Jesses figure looked real good in that wrap

While sitting there he noticed he has a mango in his shin

His doctor was rad that sign is for West Health the hospital we were at

So we decided to treat ourselfs to some TGIF's

Gary is cheezy

Nice early sun rise on our flight home

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minnesota Day 4


Driving to the spot with douche bag Ben

Ready for my close up

Jesse checkin the rail

Bam droping in

Ben got face down

Harry blunt

Gary got pied at the circus

Minnesota has perfect snowflakes

tricks were getting heavy

Old man Maki fell we left him there

Bo made an octopi

Harry Garry took a few tumbles

North Minneapolis ghetto

White castle was great, the guy next to us had his own personal pharmacy out
of his booth

To much food

Even pros sleep

Minnesota Day 3

Welcome to the circus

Jesse getin lipped Gary getin the angle

Big brown ben blunt bash


Justin with a back one

Wheelie ben

Ben scoping the drop in

Ben 180 switch nose press

Gary with a back board

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Minnesota Day 2

Getting ready for a day of boardin

First spot of the trip

Frozen lake landings can be a little slippy

Double angle he is steezy

Ghetto bird drop in ramp

Ben getting pitted

Snuffy's Signature Philly Steeze Steak

Bo's got swag all day