Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Weekend Did Not Suck

Jesse is back in town and didn't miss a
beat on this bank ledge

Dylan laying down hammers with his hype men
in the back

well yobeat the rumors are true

swag kids

thread the needle kickflip

jesse worked the road all right with a little
sign wallride

Think Thanks Ransack Rebellion and Capita's Defenders Of Awesome
premiered at the king kat theater. and it did not suck

jesses lips are sealed about the allegations of room 401

Riley was bamboozled by baker. He stayed like this
all night long

dylan was trying to cop a look see

Dicks midnight special

myles thought it would be a good idea to go face down
on a pay phone with two cops right next to him. They gave the good old seattle
cop treatment and beat the shit out of him

after party at garys crib

this is so impossible

trey bomb with a brewski

sending it

caught in the act

back 1 "yea! fuckyeadog!!!"

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