Monday, January 24, 2011

Mammoth/New Years

Mega media mayhem before we get on the plane

we just caught the sunset as we landed on the worst
runway ever covered with ice

Ben Maki at his finest

Dylan capturing every moment when we found out that they lost all or
board bags with all our cloths to

The tensions were running high we all had a little
cabin fever

Bo found so much tranny he broke his board

Kerry is the man he dug this whole thing out

Ben has down's syndrom

we drank so cider

cooked weenies

and the infamous bead started fights with dylan

Happy New years form the Tranny finders
Bo and Connor always know safety first

He got the shot

Jesse, Dylan, Jarad, and Scott scoping the spot. it was gnarly

Jesse and Desiree hyped on the spot

but we got busted by those two pussy's

Desiree hooked Bo up with on of her old Sanchezes and
Dylan and I had to carry it all day so we drew on it

Dylans on Ricks now

Mammoth was sick

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