Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Feeders: Clackamas, OR

Gary Front board

Dylan 5-0

Bo took a little tumble

GOOOOOOOO Tranny Finders!!!

Bo has lushes locks

Ben had to put the team on his back

trip nucks

We made it to portland and met up with
our bro Alex Dickinson and got sandwiches

talley with a front lip


Brendan nosegrind

Gary definitely stomped this banger

mock 10

Bo got a little nutty and started pounding
dish soap

Andy and Randy hollering at mad honeys

Nick turned the party out

this sums up the night

We went and got some breakfast

Ben and Talley looking at what to get. Happy 21st birthday

Alex has his own jam

hip? TF?

bloddy mary's all around

gary is now ready to shred

Jeff Holce came to say whats up and try and
break my snowboard since we were
serious competitors

Some guy just flipped over the wall ride and
these are the reactions

Gary Back Blunt

Front Board

Snacob snaked this girl to get his trick

Intense faces while approaching the box

Jeff killed it trying this fast plant boardslide

Zeach airplane is next level

Ben keeping it proper

Front blunt by dylan

former champ kramer pressing his nose

Snow slut was the sickest


dont worry he stomped it

Bo cant get enough Auviq gear. Sorry condor but you
missed the boat

This was the trick that Gave Kevin the win he
stayed that blunted all the way through the rail.
Watch out for him at the downtown throwdown

Jeff with a blunted nose blunt

A new hybrid..... rastamerica!

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